Thumbay Group intends to take forward our vision to create a diversified corporate business entity with a global presence. We plan to emerge as an iconic international brand, strongly rooted in our core areas of Education, Healthcare and Research. We wish to enter into new geographical locations and markets worldwide, in a big way. We hope to continue engaging in services and programs which will benefit our communities to the fullest.

Since its inception in 1997, Thumbay Group has had the distinction of being at the forefront of providing the best medical education, healthcare services and research and innovation avenues in the region. The name Thumbay Group has now become synonymous with “excellence in healthcare, education and research.” Our enterprises have come to be considered as a symbol of pride in the Gulf, and an inspiration to the rest of the world.

We live by the motto “Growth Through Innovation”. We believe that constant innovation is the key driver of our success and dynamism. We intend to set new standards in innovation.