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I am really happy to be here at the second Annual Health Awards 2018 today because I believe that awards mean a lot to everyone, especially for those in the healthcare sector. The healthcare sector is very important and basically reflects everything positive in society; from the culture and safety to the vast improvement in services in the UAE. So, I believe that awards such as these are very encouraging and also enhance overall awareness of the importance of the healthcare sector.

Mayssa Maghrebi

Arab celebrity

I believe that it is indeed a privilege and an honor to be a part of such a wonderful event. Thank you very much Dubai Health Authority and HEALTH magazine for inviting me today. I think awards like these are extremely important as awards are validating and always make people happy and feel appreciated. In fact, in our culture, doctors are considered ‘Angels of Allah’ so they should be recognized at such a grand level and awarded for the stellar work they do in the healthcare sector.

Neelam Muneer

Pakistani TV (Ary and GEO) and film actress

I feel the Annual Health Awards is a great opportunity for meeting inspirational people who are doing great things in the fields of wellness and health. Health is the most important aspect of life because without good health, you cannot properly work, eat, or live normally. And these kinds of awards, such as the Annual Health Awards by Thumbay Group, definitely promote the concept of wellness and health and highlight how important these are to leading a healthy lifestyle.

Rimi Sen

Bollywood celebrity and reality show star

Today’s Diabetes Awareness campaign at Thumbay Hospital is important because my parents are diabetic. Diabetics need to make sure they have a healthy lifestyle and make sure they control diabetes because seeing my parents go through that every day this is what I tell them. To make sure they walk a lot, make sure to avoid certain foods not only sugar, but a lot of natural foods have also we need to avoid. Basically we need to have good healthy lifestyles that how you can fight the diabetes that’s what I personally believe. We need to spread awareness so people who don’t have it need to be aware and live a healthy lifestyle. And try to avoid it.

Irfan Pathan

Indian cricketer

Singing sensation Diana Haddad graced the Annual HEALTH Magazine 2017 Awards held on January 16, 2017 in Dubai and was thronged by guests. She told HEALTH magazine’s editor Saadiya Ahmad that she is very conscious of her health and fitness and eats healthy food as a lifestyle habit.

Diana Haddad

Arab Singer & TV Personality

I think the annual HEALTH Awards are a very good move; all of these awards, be it for Bollywood or Health, I think are a fantastic initiative. And since it’s going to be an annual and regular event conducted by Thumbay Group, it is a wonderful initiative. In fact, I think once the HEALTH Awards has taken place, it will a key defining benchmark in the health and wellness sectors followed by many others in the future.

Sonu Sood

Indian Film Actor

I think the Thumbay Group Annual Health Awards are a great idea. It’s an acknowledgement of someone’s hard work. To lead a good healthy lifestyle and be a positive thinking person takes a lot of hard work and not something that is easy to encourage. It’s very easy for all of us to slip into laziness, blaming, complaining; an overall cycle of negativity.Therefore, recognizing people who encourage a healthy lifestyle deserve to be awarded for it.

Arjun Rampal

Indian Film Actor

The facilities at Thumbay Hospital are truly world-class. I am also very impressed with the efforts of the hospital in promoting safe motherhood.

Raveena Tandon

Indian actress

Good luck and more success to the hospital

Abdul Razzaq

Pakistani cricketer

It was nice meeting everyone here. Very supportive and well-qualified doctors and staff.

Suresh Raina

Indian cricketer

Thumbay Hospital is a beautiful healthcare facility manned by sweet people.

Shoaib Malik

Pakistani cricketer

Thumbay Hospital is a beautiful hospital with a very impressive range of healthcare services.”

Sushmita Sen

Bollywood Actress and former Miss Universe

My stay at Thumbay Hospital has been a remarkable experience. Thumbay Hospital is like a one-stop-shop in terms of medical needs. An outstanding feature of the hospital is the coordination between various doctors and departments, to give you the best care. I am very much impressed and satisfied with the hospitality of the staff.

Alhaji Samuel Sam Sumana

Hon’ble Vice President of Sierra Leone

I would definitely recommend Thumbay Hospital to anyone seeking treatment abroad, due to its professional ser vices, friendly atmosphere, comfort and friendly and forthright doctors.

Kodia Sam Sumana

Wife of the Hon’ble Vice President of Sierra Leone

The service at Thumbay Hospital is heartwarming, to say the least. The hospital has zero-tolerance for dirt; it is sparkling clean everywhere. State-of-the-art equipment and the highly efficient staff are the highlights of the hospital. The hospital is designed in a patient-friendly manner. The inter-departmental consultation and coordination at Thumbay Hospital are very beneficial for patients. Staff at all levels are cheerful, friendly and highly professional. Thumbay Hospital is like home away from home. Everything here is so satisfying, and you are assured of getting top-class medical attention.

Engr. Mamman Muhammad

Niger State – Nigeria

From a patient’s perspective, a hospital is considered ‘outstanding’ when it meets three requirements; good physicians, good nursing care and latest equipment & technology. Thumbay Hospital qualifies as an outstanding hospital by virtue of its excellent standards in the above three aspects. Besides, Thumbay Hospitals seem to be the only hospitals where cleaning is a 24x7 process. The hospital is unbelievable neat and clean, giving it the feel of a five-star hotel. Thumbay Hospital staff go beyond their call of duty to ensure that patients are comfortable. The quality of nursing services and care is exceptional, here.

Prof. Alkasum Abba

Former Vice Chancellor, Adamawa State University, Mubi – Nigeria
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