Joy of Giving

The ‘Joy of Giving’ initiative conducted in 2018 was a month-long initiative under Thumbay Foundation to support needy children and bring happiness to their lives, by encouraging people to donate books, toys, clothes, school stationaries and painting materials for needy children and orphans.

‘Go Green’ Initiative

The tagline of the ‘Go Green’ initiative is, “There is no planet B”, emphasizing the need to protect the earth by planting more trees and spreading greenery, through the slogan: Save the Planet, Plant a Tree. Planting a sapling at the hospital premises to kick-off the initiative, Mr. Thumbay Moideen said that he hoped the campaign would inspire people to learn to respect and care for their environment through hands-on efforts. He added that Thumbay Group would include more environment-focused activities in its CSR plan.

Educational CSR

Annual GMU Medical & Science Exhibition:

The objective to host the grand event was to provide a platform for the upcoming students to display their talents in the field of medicine and science, to provide them with complete career path and to encourage in getting involved in the profession of Medicine and Healthcare and to provide a fair chance and create a competitive environment for students to come out with excellent results. School students from around the UAE with special Annual GMU Sports Festival interest and talent in the field of medical and sciences showcase their innovative project work, posters and paintings.

Annual GMU Sports Festival:

Gulf Medical University has been the unique trendsetter of regularly hosting the biggest Inter-Collegiate ever in U.A.E. since the year 2000. Students from various Universities and schools vye for the coveted trophies, while performing with high standards of spirited sportsmanship and participating in the various sporting events, which include both individual and team as well indoor and outdoor events.

Hospital CSR

Happiness Hour:

The concept of ‘happiness hour’ was conceived by Thumbay Group following in the footsteps of the UAE government’s National Programme for Happiness and Positivity, a unique program designed to establish an environment that ensures the happiness and well-being of society. As part of the ‘Happiness Hour’ initiative, all establishments under the Thumbay Hospital network of academic hospitals and Thumbay Clinic’s state-of-the-art family clinics, both owned and operated by the healthcare division of Thumbay Group – will offer a free consultation, across all specialities, to patients during the “happy hour”. During the same period, the brands under Thumbay Group’s retail and hospitality divisions, namely Thumbay Pharmacy, Nutri Plus Vita, Zo & Mo Opticals, The Flower Shoppe, Terrace Restaurant, Body & Soul Health Club & Spa and Blends and Brews Coffee Shoppe will offer special discounted services across all shops/outlets of their respective networks. The ‘happy hour’ which began on January 1 will run from 4 pm to 5 pm, every Tuesday until December 31, 2017.

Free Health Camps:

Regular Health Camps are held as a part of the humanitarian services of the Group, individually or in partnership with other service organizations. Free consultation in different areas of medicine is given at these camps. GMC Hospital also organizes Blood Donation Camps on a regular basis.

Holistic Treatment

GMU Family Medicine Department provides health care services in an integrated holistic manner and in harmony with the other Departments in the Hospital. Family Medicine specialty provides: physical, social and psychological health care to discover the hidden cause of sickness.

Health Card

Considered by many as an expression of care, the GMU Health Card offers many benefits locally and internationally. CSR of Thumbay Group includes Corporate Sports Events and Scholarships to deserving students each year.

Free/Subsidized Medical Treatment:

Medical treatment is the right to all and has practiced it in all his establishments where several needy patients have been offered completely free treatment or offered huge discounts to help the people to get quality medical care. The PATIENT AFFAIRS DEPARTMENT of the Thumbay Hospital, the first ever such unit in the private sector in UAE, that has been instrumental in identifying needy patients for free or very subsided medical care. GMC Hospital has been in the forefront of holding regular FREE HEALTH CAMPS, which include free Lab Tests, free radiology tests and free medicine and thus IDENTIFY THE POOR AND NEEDY PATIENTS and they are benefitted from free or heavily subsided care.

Social CSR

Annual Baby Show:

Annual Healthy Baby Contest for children of age group of 3 months to three years. The Objective of the show is “Know your child better”. Specialists from our hospital assess the children based on their milestones and growth of the child.

Annual Fun Run:

Every year Thumbay Group organizes the “Fun Run” featuring people from different walks of life. The focus is on spreading health awareness. Disabled and Special Needs Runners are particularly encouraged.

Night of the Stars:

Thumbay Group ‘Night of the Stars’ is a mega event where senior staff and faculty members of the Group are honoured for exemplary performance and Special Achievement Awards.

Coffee on the Wall:

The ‘Coffee on the Wall’ CSR at Blends and Brews coffee shops allows a customer can sponsor one or more extra coffees for visitors who cannot afford to pay. The coffees thus sponsored are displayed on the wall in the form of coupons, and anyone in need can pull one out from the wall and order a coffee at the counter. A visitor availing the coffee on the wall can order any coffee of any size without it lowering his self-esteem, as he can enjoy the coffee without having to ask for a free drink. Through ‘Coffee on the Wall,’ Blends & Brews encourages our customers to think about people who would like to enjoy, but cannot afford the pleasure of tasting a refreshing coffee. This humble gesture is our way of serving the needy.


Conducted by The Terrace Restaurant, this program enables individuals and corporates to donate food to the restaurant which the needy people can avail free from the outlets between 12 noon to 1 pm and 11 pm to 12 midnight. People can also donate their excess food to the program by calling the Terrace Restaurant’s team to collect the food and preserve it at the outlets, to be distributed at the designated times.

Thumbay Premier T20 League:

The ‘Thumbay Premier T20 League’ is conducted with the aim of encouraging community engagement among corporate, in line with the values of the ‘Year of Zayed’, and was launched under Thumbay Foundation, the charitable arm that supports the CSR activities of Thumbay Group. The primary goal of the tournament is to promote humanitarian causes, Mr. Akram added, “We are glad to announce that the proceeds from this tournament by way of registration fees will be spent exclusively on humanitarian initiatives under Thumbay Group’s CSR Committee,”