April 2, 2024

Eighteen faculty Members from China Graduate from Gulf Medical University’s Masters in Health Professions Program

by shavaiz in News

Recognizing the role of collaboration in advancing the quality of education, Gulf Medical University (GMU) continues to lead the way in elevating health professions education on a global scale. Through collective efforts, Gulf Medical University’s initiatives have yielded promising outcomes in the scope of healthcare education. The recent graduation ceremony held in China marked a significant milestone as eighteen students received their Master in Health Professions Education (MHPE) degrees, symbolizing five years of partnership between Guangzhou, China, and Ajman, UAE.


This distinguished cohort, hailing from the prominent First Affiliated Hospital of the Zhongshan Medical School of Sun-Yat-sen University, represents the strong impact of cross-border collaboration in bringing about excellence in healthcare education. The ceremony, graced by the presence of dignitaries including the Vice Chancellor of Sun Yat-sen University and President of First Affiliated Hospital Professor Xiao Haipeng, emphasized the shared commitment towards advancing healthcare education globally.

“All the programmes within Gulf Medical University’s curriculum stem from comprehensive research initiatives undertaken by the institution. The wide range of programmes available has emerged as a result of careful analysis of the health professions labour market conducted regularly at the university, and its teaching hospitals. This systematic approach reflects our commitment to aligning courses with current industry requirements, enabling our students to transition into the professional arena equipped with the skill sets sought after by employers,” Professor Hossam Hamdy, Vice Chancellor, Gulf Medical University explained.

The collaboration between GMU and the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University validates the impact of cooperation in driving transformative change across health professions education. Professors David Taylor and Trevor Gibbs from Gulf Medical University have recently conducted two dynamic short courses for over 40 faculty members from First Affiliated Hospital, strengthened by the support of their recent graduates. These courses, focusing on the essentials of health professions education and action research, have attracted whole-hearted participation from doctors and nurses, particularly from the geriatrics unit, promising significant advancements in the field of geriatric care in Southern China.

Professor Hossam Hamdy, alongside Professors Xiao Haipeng and Kuang Ming, have played a pivotal role in driving this enduring partnership, inspiring innovation, and encouraging excellence in healthcare education beyond geographical boundaries.

Gulf Medical University has established collaborations with many international institutions in both the government and private health education entities, and it takes a well-rounded approach to teaching and learning, boosting students’ capabilities through academic workshops, seminars, industry guest lectures and conferences that expose students to real-world challenges.